28 giugno 2013

4 year of love!

Hi girls!
Two days ago was a special day for my
sister..she and her boyfriend are 4 year that are togheter!!
wwooowww :-D
They will get married in October YUPPIIII but I'll get more later ..

21 giugno 2013

Strawberry Pink!

Hi girls, another week is almost finished and i'm always in hurry and full of thing to do! But this sun very very hot make me so happy!!
I have received a beautiful gift with some of the new Magnolia collection Special Moment ..how they can be always more cute??

15 giugno 2013

Isa B..Birthday!!

Happy week end everyone!
Buon week end a tutti!

I made this card for my lovely Isabella, the sister of my boy Teddy!Today is her birthday! Yuppiiiii  

8 giugno 2013

Blue Burger!

Hi girls!I hope u are all fine!
i write this post from my sunny garden..
finally the summer is here!(Maybe) :-D

2 giugno 2013

Flower Power

And again happy sunday!
Sorry but this week was very busy and i have had no time to publish my post
E di nuovo buona domenica!